Monday, April 4, 2011

First ever weekly edition of Miscellaneous Monday!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone!  I've decided to start a weekly post entitled Miscellaneous Monday in which I will talk about various things...could be crafting, cooking, kids, or just life in general. Anything goes on Miscellaneous Mondays! (hence the miscellaneous part!) 
This week my other half and I will be traveling (ALONE!--no toddler in tow) to the one and only NEW YORK CITY!

We leave bright and early on Wednesday morning and will come back Saturday afternoon.  We are so excited to have a nice trip by ourselves!  This will be my husband's first time visiting the Big Apple, but my second time.  My mom and I made a trip last year in order to celebrate her 50th birthday, and we had a much so that I couldn't wait to go back and take my husband.  Our 4 year wedding anniversary is in a couple weeks so what better way to celebrate than taking a trip to the big city?
On our list of things to do is seeing Spiderman on Broadway.

I am soooo excited!  Last year I saw Mary Poppins and fell in love with it! One of the main reasons I wanted to go back to NYC was to see more shows on Broadway.  Since Spiderman was one of the more "manly" options, this is what my husband wanted to see.  I'm hoping to maybe sneak in another show such as Wicked or The Lion King while we're there.  We shall see!
I honestly never thought I would like a big city like NYC.  For a small town South Carolina girl like me, big cities scare the crap out of me.  NYC is really easy to fall in love with though...the bright lights, the sites, the culture....everything that is so different from my little Southern world. But, while I love to visit NYC, I wouldn't trade my life here in SC for anything.  This is my home and I love it!
Here are a few things I love about my home and the South:

This is our Capital and what we call "the city" here...and where my day job is located.

The Congaree River and the beautiful Gervais St. Bridge

These are grits--a STAPLE in the South...YUM!

Sweet tea....and I mean SWEET!  This does not mean iced tea with sweetener in it....this means tea with SUGAR in it and LOTS OF IT! 
 I could go on and on about what I love about the South....but I'll save that for another time. What about you?  What do you love about the South?

Come Wednesday I'll say goodbye to my sweet tea and grits, and our 80 degree "spring" weather, and say HELLO to the chilly, yet magical world that is NYC.  I can't wait!  (Oh...and keep your fingers crossed that we wont get lost!)

Talk to y'all soon!

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