Monday, April 11, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday! (We made it!)

Well friends, you'll be happy to know I survived my big city trip to NYC.  We arrived home Saturday afternoon and it was so nice to be back in SC.  We left 40 something degree weather in NY on Saturday morning and stepped off the plane in SC to temps in the mid 80's.  What a difference! Anywho, it's good to be home!
I wanted to take a few seconds today to talk about my pride and son Bryson, who I missed dearly while I was away.  For those who don't know, I have the cutest, sweetest (well...sometimes), wildest 2 year old on the planet.  He is a sure fire Mama's boy (which I love) and the absolute love of my life!  There  is just something special about the bond between a mother and her son.  It is definitely a love like no other! 
While every day with a toddler is not always sweet......the tantrums, attitude, and defiance will drive you mad....I wouldn't trade my role as a Mommy for anything. He made my Monday this morning by hugging my leg and telling me I was "bootiful". (Go ahead, let your heart melt!!)  Who couldn't love this little guy?

Ok, enough of my Mommy gushing.  I could talk about my little guy all day long.  In other news, the crafting jewelry fairy visited me while I was away!  I have all kinds of stuff to make more pendants/necklaces/magnets/rings...etc!  I'm so excited to get to work!  Be checking my store Stamped With Approval in the coming days for all kinds of new stuff just in time for Mother's Day!
I'm also working on my tutorial for the stamp pendants that many of you have requested.  Bear with me as I get this completed.  My camera at home really stinks so making tutorials has proven to be a difficult task.  I hope to have it completed this week!  Stay tuned.

As always, thanks for checking in!!

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