Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

I realized that I missed last weeks Miscellaneous Monday about 3 days too late so you’ll have to forgive me for that. OOPS!
Today I wanted to bring a little humor into your Monday. For those of you who work every day, you all know that the day to day office routine can be quite boring. Especially for those of us who are stuck in a cubicle all day every day, with very little contact with the outside world. So in order to keep from losing your mind, you have to find little things that get you through the day. Maybe you bring your Ipod to work and listen to your favorite tunes all day. Maybe you sneak a few extra internet breaks into your work day. Maybe you try to see how many pieces of bubble gum you can fit in your mouth at one time. Or perhaps you create fake mustaches and act silly with your cubicle neighbor. I personally choose the latter. (Hey, to each his own…don’t judge!)


Our fascination with mustaches came from a visit to our favorite local Mexican restaurant during lunch one day. They actually sell stick on mustaches in the little candy machines! We are talking incredibly awesome stick on ‘staches….and of course we had to buy one. Ever since then, the ‘stache is a part of our every day life.

Ashley wearing the 'stache and me laughing, taken right after we first got this particular 'stache
I even took a ‘stache with me to NYC.

Sitting in the airport

In the office we like to play a little game called “find the ‘stache”, in which we hide the ‘stache in the other’s cubicle and wait until they find it… which point we go into a hysterical fit of giggles. Immature? Maybe. But hey, we gotta keep sane some how and staring at cubicle walls for 8 hours a day just aint gonna cut it.

Ashley and the 'stache

What do you do to keep your sanity at work?

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