Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday!

Ok I know the blog updates have been few and far between lately....the truth is, there just isn't enough time in the day for the things I want to do.  I work every day from 8-5, get home around 6:00PM, somehow scrounge up dinner for my husband and little guy, spend a little QT with my son, and before I know it, it's bed time. Weekends are spent mostly doing church events as my husband and I are deeply involved in our church (he is our worship leader, and I am currently the "co-director" of our children's ministry). That leaves little time for crafting, home decor projects, or blogging.  **sigh**  I have so many ideas in my head of things I want to do, but just can't find the extra time to do them.
One thing I really want to do, that I've mentioned previously, is personalize our house more.  So for today's Miscellaneous Monday, I figured I would make a list entitled  "I Would Love to Have....(maybe one day)" of things that I would like to eventually have in our house.

1. I would love to have built in bookshelves with a little "reading nook" much like this:

**Picture courtesy of**
2. I would love to have a cute wall display of family photos/decor:

**Photo courtesy of**
 3. I would love to have beautiful hardwoods in our hallway, stairway, and dining area.
**Photo courtesy of**
4. I would love to create an awesome play space for my son

**Photo courtsey of Pottery Barn Kids**
5.  I would love to put in a tile backsplash in the kitchen

**Photo courtesy of**

I could go on and on about all the things I'd love to do.....but for now I'll just keep adding to my mental "to-do" list and maybe one day we'll be able to make my to-do list a reality.  I think Journey said it best when they said "Don't Stop Believing!"

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